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Modular Office Buildings

3 Reasons To Choose A Modular Office

As well as being utilised as classrooms, warehouses, and fitness buildings, our buildings are often used as modular offices – providing a modern alternative to standard office buildings.

But why should you choose a modular office over a relocation or immediate extension? Here are our top three reasons.


1.      Modular offices are fully customised to your requirements

Whether you need an office base whilst your current one is being refurbished or require additional workspace after unexpected business growth, your modular office will be fully customised to meet your business needs.

Every single aspect of your business is taken into consideration when designing your workspace. From the location of workstations and plug sockets to the configuration of your kitchen and restrooms, even the interior decor and exterior look of your building can be constructed to meet your specifications and compliment your brand’s identity.

Although designed and engineered to be a permanent solution, our modular buildings can be completely relocated to another position on your site or to a different site entirely. This represents a significant future proofing of your investment.

No matter how unique your business needs may be, you we can guarantee that we can create a solution when it comes to designing your bespoke modular space.


2.      They’re built to grow with your business

Unlike permanent office buildings, your modular office is flexible and can be adapted to grow with the needs of your business.

Often businesses experience spikes in productivity and consequently need to employ new staff members – but moving offices isn’t always an option. Maybe your location is too good to negotiate, or an office move isn’t financially viable straight away.

Sourcing a modular office will allow your team to continue working with little to no disruption to their everyday work.

If you find that you’ve underestimated the space needed once you’ve moved into your modular office, that’s no problem. Modular offices are designed in such a way that the size can easily be altered, with extra rooms and even additional levels being added, meeting your evolving requirements.


3.      The  least disruptive option

Construction time on site is significantly reduced. When it comes to a traditional office, construction can take months upon months to be completed due to the complexity of the project. Even if you’re just having an extension added, the foundations need to be laid, plumbing and wiring need to be adapted, and walls need to be knocked down.

Although still compliant with building regulations, the time it takes for a modular office to be assembled is taken in our factory. After that it takes significantly less time on your site to install than a traditional office building – though you can still expect the same durability and high-quality finish.

Plus, any adaptions you choose to make after your structure has been finalised are usually straightforward. This means additional labour costs are kept to a minimum and work is completed quickly, minimising our time on site and allowing you to start using your office space quickly with the minimum of disruption on your site.

When it comes to your modular office space, here at Useful Structures, we make sure your bespoke structure meets your brief and suits your needs – allowing you to operate your business with no disruptions in a fully functional and adaptable environment.

Get in touch with our team by calling 01788 861 246 or emailing info@useful-structures.com to discuss your needs, and find out how a modular office could benefit you and your business.


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