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Bespoke Modular Offices

Whether you need a modest cabin for your yard or a multi-storey contemporary modular office to house your team, Useful Structures is here to help. As a specialist in bespoke modular buildings, we can provide you with precisely what you’re looking for, in exactly the configuration you need.

Modular Office Buildings
The Rushgroves Suite Interior

Bespoke modular offices to suit your business and team

With a specialist bespoke approach to modular office buildings, we can create a building or workspace that has your requirements, comfort and operations in-built from day one.

Power, lighting, switching, data points, storage, windows and air conditioning are all designed and positioned with your business needs at the front and centre of our design.

Beautiful finishes inside and out

Our fully-fitted modular offices are as unique as your business needs. There’s no need to compromise. Every feature – from the position of the walls to the plug sockets – can be customised.

We offer a huge range of internal fixtures and finishes, with multiple options for lighting systems, internal doors, staircases, partitions (including glazed partitions), lifts, kitchens, restrooms, workstations, décor and more. There’s something to suit every environment and, what’s more, you can decide the exact layout of each room to meet your specific business requirements.

modular office building interior
LHC - Office Building

We also provide an extensive selection of exterior finishes, including everything from the stylish and contemporary to the traditional and practical. Modern steel cladding, glazed curtain walls, Cotswold stone – we can supply it all. Our team have vast experience in this area and will help to select a finish that matches your brand’s identity and complements the surrounding environment.

Ultimately, we strive to create a unique workspace – a modular office that is perfectly designed to meet the needs and functions of your business. Utilitarian or elaborate, functional or decorative, the choice is yours. Simply tell us what you want and we will supply the ideal modular offices for you.

Relocatable and future proofed

Although engineered and designed to stay in one place, should your circumstances or requirements change, all of our modular office buildings can be relocated to a new site. Not only do you get to benefit from a 100% bespoke modular office (that is perfectly tailored to your needs), but you can also rest in the knowledge that your investment is fully-relocatable and future-proof.

LHC Interior

Get in touch today for your bespoke modular office space

All of our modular offices are high-quality, attractive and as durable as a traditional building. They require no traditional foundations and each one is built off-site, to your specific order – thus minimising disruption to your on-site operations.

So why not get in touch today? If you would like to find out more, either give us a call on 01788 861246 or send an email to info@useful-structures.com.

Modular offices FAQs

Modular office buildings are a convenient and cost-effective way to extend your business’ office space. Perhaps you’re reluctant to move to different premises or need to stick to a budget? Our modular offices make it possible to adapt to your business’ evolving needs – adding a high-quality, impressive workspace for your expanding team – without breaking the bank or having any of the hassle.

If you need extra space to accommodate a high number of staff, pupils or clients, a modular office building could be the ideal solution.

Modular offices offer a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, they’re made bespoke-to-order – and, as a result, can be designed and constructed to meet your specific requirements.

As they’re prefabricated, they’re incredibly quick to install and the time spent on-site (and disruption to your day-to-day activities) can be kept to an absolute minimum. Yet, despite this, all of our modular office buildings are high-quality and fully compliant with building regulations.

It’s also possible to relocate and adapt the structure in line with your business’ changing needs. Extend the size, install new features and fixtures, disassemble the structure and move it to a brand new location. The choice is yours. Modular office buildings are a future-proof, worthwhile investment, that can be used time and time again and altered to suit your current needs.

Here at Useful Structures, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our primary goal is to supply a completely bespoke and imaginatively designed modular office building, which is perfectly tailored to your individual needs and built solely with your business in mind.

We have many years’ experience in this area. We understand that your new modular office space needs to be as ergonomic as possible – allowing your team to complete day-to-day tasks efficiently and effectively – whilst also making a lasting impression on visitors. As such, our modular office buildings can be supplied with a diverse range of internal and external finishes.

There’s something to suit every brand and budget. Just tell us your individual business needs and requirements and, whatever you have in mind, we will successfully bring your ideal office space to life.

The exact cost of a modular office building will depend on the size, layout and finishes chosen. But rest assured, we always make them as affordable as possible – and whatever your budget, we can supply the ideal structure for you. If you would like a personalised quote, please feel free to give us a call on 01788 861246 or send an email to info@useful-structures.com and we’ll get back to you.