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Temporary Warehouses

Useful Structures have very close links to the storage and distribution industry and are specialists in the design and supply of buildings to protect your operations and your client’s freight.

Whether you are a pallet network member, warehousing and logistics business or haulier, space in which to carry out your operations and store goods is always at a premium and sometimes simply not available. Useful Structures have a range of superbly engineered buildings that are flexible, cost-effective and fast to install that can be moved or modified as your business develops and changes.

Adaptable, clear span structures that fit your available space, in which to store goods or protect them from the weather during loading, unloading and trans-shipping. Your operations and storage should be as easy and trouble-free as possible. Your customers must, of course, be happy with the condition of the goods that you deliver.

Loading Canopies, Masters Logistical, Ely - 2
Warehouse For DSV In Purfleet With Open Bays

In most cases, we can install directly on to your existing concrete yard and your building will be ready for use a matter of days after our installation team arrives on site.

Of course, there are many building types out there that claim to provide the type of cover you need but you need to have the assurance of an expertly engineered and installed industrial building that makes sense cost-wise and that will last indefinitely which is why every one of our structures is engineered for its specific location with structure-specific calculations to BS EN 1991.

Who knows how your business will have developed in 5 years time? Our buildings give you the reassurance that, as well as their ability to move to a completely new location if necessary, the structures can be expanded “in situ” cheaply and quickly to meet your changing business requirements.

We provide quality temporary and permanent warehousing solutions which are fully relocatableexpandable and cost-effective that can be relied on to keep your freight protected from the weather at all times, load after load, year after year. The success of your operations is always our priority, so we work with you, your team, your existing facilities and your given budget to provide your temporary warehouse,  loading canopy or scanning shed ready to use in a matter of a few weeks from your initial contact with us.

Following an initial no-obligation design consultation at your site, we will have the information and understanding of your operations that will enable us to design and deliver a structure ideally suited to your needs and existing facilities with a full choice of doors, roller shutter doors, external finishes, colours, and a lot more, wherever you are

Temporary Sports Hall Structure
Interior Of DSV Warehouse In Purfleet

Benefits of working with us:

  • Fast, cost effective storage space or canopies – high enough for double decked trailers

  • Quick to arrive and erect

  • Standard or insulated versions

  • Loading canopies to ensure dry freight whatever the weather

  • Clear span widths up to 30m (100ft)

  • Unlimited lengths and bespoke sizes to fit any area

  • Standard eave heights up to 6m (20ft)

  • Roller doors and personnel doors fitted as standard

  • No need for traditional foundations – we usually install directly onto your existing yard

  • Fully wind and snow rated structures

  • Very low cost alternative to traditional buildings

  • Individually engineered to meet UK Wind and Snow Loads with calculations to BS6399, BS5950 and BS8118.

In the case of Useful Structures, anything but “temporary”. Every structure we supply is subject to site-specific structural calculations and engineering to ensure that they will continue to perform for you indefinitely.

Your business is unique – we understand that, which is why our temporary warehouses are made-to-order to suit your needs and requirements. During the initial design consultation, we will gather information about your daily operations and offer tailored advice on the best options for you.

These options include:

  • Standard and insulated temporary warehouses
  • A wide range of roller shutter doors and personnel door options
  • A selection of different colours
  • Clear span widths up to 30m (100ft)
  • Standard eave heights up to 6m or 20ft or more
  • Unlimited lengths and bespoke sizes

Our temporary warehouses are a great option for warehousing and logistics companies, pallet network members, hauliers and retailers. Finding storage space for your goods can be difficult and – even if you do find somewhere suitable – it’s likely to be expensive.

Investing in a temporary warehouse structure is a great cost-effective alternative. Built to meet your needs, they will successfully protect your freight and operations. They’re also quick and easy to install and can be expanded or even relocated as your business starts to expand and evolve.

Our priority is the success of your day-to-day operations. We work hand-in-hand with you, to create the ‘perfect’ temporary warehouse for your needs and budget.

All of our temporary warehouse buildings are constructed from high-quality materials and individually engineered with structural calculations, to ensure that they can remain in one place indefinitely. We offer a wide range of design options – which can be adapted in the future to meet your changing needs. The structure can be installed directly onto your existing yard with no foundations necessary. With the potential to expand or relocate them, your investment really is future proof!

If you would like to find out more about our temporary warehouses, feel free to get in touch. Call us today on 01788 861246 or send an email to info@useful-structures.com for more information.

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