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Waste Recycling

Why Choose Useful Structures For Your Waste Management Structure?

Whether you’re looking to start up, expand or improve your current waste management and recycling facilities, the team at Useful Structures can help.

We design, supply and install waste management buildings into the sector to all sizes of waste management businesses from small local businesses to the “blue chip” international operators who lead the world in recycling and waste management systems.

Our range of sizes, high eave heights and versatility of design mean that our structures can be used for all operations that need to be covered, enclosed or part-enclosed.


  • Waste sorting facilities
  • Material recovery facilities
  • Baling operations
  • Waste conveying and processing equipment
  • Storage of incoming waste
  • Storage of outgoing, processed or baled waste.

The advantages for waste management companies are clear. But the question is – why should you choose Useful Structures as suppliers of buildings for your business?

Let’s find out.


3 good reasons to make Useful Structures your first choice


1.    Our waste management structures are made to order


With clear span widths of up to 30m, unlimited lengths and high eaves heights available, our waste management structures can be customised to suit every operational requirement.

We can provide structures with or without sides. Buildings that are fully enclosed, buildings with walls on three sides, two sides or simple canopies with no sides at all.

Roller shutter doors, personnel doors and fully open wall or gable sections are routine features of the structures we supply into the waste management industry.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent solution, we will have a structure to suit your requirements.

Why choose us for your waste management structure? - Useful Structures

2.    Quick, simple and inexpensive to install


Lead time from order is typically 6 to 7 weeks and installation will take no longer than two weeks – most of our structures are installed in a matter of days. If you have an existing concrete yard we can usually install directly on to that. If this is not the case we may require a very simple concrete raft or bases at the point of anchoring to secure them.

Once the design is finalised, the building components are engineered and manufactured to arrive at your site in “kit form” ready for our teams to install in as short a time as possible.

Why not request a free, no-obligation quote by sending us a message via our online enquiry form outlining your requirements?

Why choose Useful Structures for your waste management structure? - Useful

3.    We guarantee trouble free, expert service.

Our decades of experience in the industry and fully trained, greatly experienced and qualified and CSCS certified installation teams mean that you simply provide the space on which the building will be installed, and we will take care of the rest.

Each and every one of our sectional waste management buildings is supplied with site specific structural calculations to ensure their suitability, safety and longevity throughout their lifetime. If you need to create foundation bases, these calculations will ensure that your contractors can install the correct and most cost-effective foundations for your building. The off-site manufacture and engineering of our buildings makes our on-site operations simple, quick and safe, minimising disruption to your existing business operations and ensuring that you can occupy and use your new building in a very short time from it arriving.

Throughout the design process, we will provide you with a full drawing service from provisional sketches to final signed-off drawings. All of our quotations include delivery, installation, plant and equipment hire and a comprehensive specification. We pride ourselves on complete transparency with no “surprises”.

Whilst our attention to the structural engineering and calculations ensure that they can stay in one place indefinitely, the buildings we install for waste management companies are fully relocatable – giving you the flexibility to move them to a new place on your site or to a completely different site as and when your business needs dictate. The sectional nature of the product also means that expansion to create a larger building is just as quick, easy and inexpensive as the original installation. This ability to move or expand makes our buildings a truly future-proof investment.

Why not join some of the biggest waste companies around and make Useful Structures your first choice, too?

In addition to waste management structures to house your day to day operations, we can also provide fully fitted modular office facilities for the administration of your business. Just like the waste management structures, these are easily relocated and expanded providing you with the peace of mind of an equally future proofed investment.

Why choose Useful Structures for your waste management structure?


Let us create your ideal waste management building today

Whether you need a short- or long-term waste management solution to accommodate your current or future operational waste demands, you can rely on the team at Useful Structures to deliver a first-class service that is tailored to your needs.

Our experts will work with you to gather the necessary information about your operations to ensure that we understand what you want to achieve from your waste management structure and enable us to design your ideal solution.

To find out more about our waste management structures and how we can help with your next project, give us a call on 01788 861 246.

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