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Warehouse For DSV In Purfleet With Open Bays

How Much Does A Temporary Warehouse Cost?

Is your existing warehouse damaged beyond repair? Need extra space to house seasonal goods during busy periods? Not got enough room for excess items if you get the forecasting wrong?

Here at Useful Structures, we can design, manufacture and install a temporary building that provides your business with the additional space it needs to thrive. Our structures are made to order and can be situated in almost any location. They’re fully relocatable too, giving you the flexibility to move as and when business dictates.

But how much is a temporary warehouse likely to cost?

The price you’ll pay for a temporary building will vary based on what it is you want and need from the structure, and the level of customisation you require.

Let’s explore this in more detail…


·         What do you want to achieve?

Whether it be a temporary structure to provide shelter for loading and unloading goods, a drive-through canopy or a scanning shed, take a look at our warehouse, storage and logistics gallery to see what sort of projects we have worked on in the past.

As with most things, the larger and more complex the design is, the more you’ll pay to cover labour and materials. However, you’re in complete control of the costs as the team at Useful Structures will factor in your budget and create a structure that suits your needs and existing facilities.


·         How big does it need to be?

If vehicles need to access your temporary warehouse, height needs to be considered carefully to enable comfortable and safe manoeuvring. Similarly, any storage racking needs to be fitted at the optimum height to allow stored products to be easily reached.

Our temporary warehouses have clear span widths up to 30m and come in standard eave heights up to 6m. We also supply bespoke sizes to match your requirements.


·         Do you require insulation?


Any enclosed building is at risk of condensation if the temperature on the inside exceeds that on the outside. We would recommend that any enclosed building has an insulated roof to minimise the potential for condensation.

If structures such as loading canopies and scanning sheds are “open ended”, this temperature difference is not an issue as the temperature under the canopy will be the same as that outside it. So, an insulated roof is not necessary.

Where temperature or damp sensitive goods are being stored within the warehouse, we can offer varying degrees of insulation to the roof and walls to suit your needs.

Likewise, if the structure is intended to be heated or if people spend extended periods of time within the building, insulation will probably be appropriate.

In short, if you need your building insulated, we can do it. Adding insulation can easily be done and, although the overall cost will be affected – your goods will be properly protected.


·         What about doors?

Personnel doors and any size of roller shutter can be fitted to our buildings and we can also create open areas in walls if a door is not needed.

At Useful Structures, we supply doors in a range of external colours, and roller doors can be either manually or electrically operated.

Automated and electrically operated shutters typically cost more than manually operated ones, but their ease of operation makes them the first choice of our clients.


Ready to create your ideal temporary warehouse?

Here at Useful Structures, we like to offer a tailored solution for all our customers. That’s why, we will work closely with you and your team to create the perfect temporary warehouse.

To get started on designing your temporary warehousing space, book a no-obligation consultation with our experts by calling 01788 861 246. Once we have a better understanding of your business operations, we can get to work.

As most of the construction work is done off-site, you can trust that disruption will be kept to a minimum on your site.

For more information about our temporary warehousing structures or to discuss your requirements in more detail, either send us a message via email at info@useful-structures.com or fill out our online enquiry form. One of our friendly specialists will then get back to you as soon as possible.


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