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How Long Do Modular Offices Last?

Modular construction is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with structures being created for all kinds of businesses.

Providing either a temporary or permanent workspace, modular offices are constructed off-site and assembled upon arrival. Not only is this safer, it also much faster. Projects can be delivered in half the time compared to traditional construction methods – which means you can start using and enjoying your office space virtually as soon as it arrives!

Whether your building is required for a couple of months only or indefinitely, the integrity and quality need to be the same. Good to know then, that modular offices can last anywhere between 20 years and a lifetime, depending on several factors.

Want to be clear on how to maximise the lifespan of a modular building? Here the team at Useful Structures outline these factors in detail and offer advice on how to ensure your building lasts as long as possible.


·        Permanence

The permanence of a modular office refers to whether it’s intended to provide a permanent structure and remain in one place, or offer a temporary solution and be relocated multiple times.

Temporary office buildings are usually small and provide a short-term solution for businesses requiring additional office space, whereas permanent buildings are larger complexes.

Often, temporary modular office buildings have a shorter lifespan, due to the repeated assembly and disassembly. When they are taken apart, transported and rebuilt several times, the structural integrity gradually weakens.

Permanent modular buildings undergo no such stress – meaning they will remain as strong as the day they were assembled and installed.


·        Structural material

A modular office has a structural frame that’s typically made from wood or steel.

Buildings with steel supports usually have longer lifespans than those constructed from other materials. This is because steel offers greater strength – in fact, buildings can be at least five stories tall when a steel structure is used.

Steel is also fire-resistant. In the unfortunate event of a fire, an office that’s constructed from steel is less likely to sustain structural damage that would impact its longevity.

Unlike wood, steel is resistant to mould and pests – both things that can gradually weaken the frames and reduce the lifespan of modular buildings.


·        Build quality

How well the structure is built, and the quality of the building materials used, can also affect how long it will last.

At Useful Structures, we can assure you that all our modular office buildings are designed and manufactured off-site, in a controlled environment.

Our buildings are fitted with mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures off-site – plus a choice of interior finishes, too. This means they are protected from exposure to heat, moisture and other elements that could potentially depreciate their quality.


·        Maintenance

As with traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, the longevity of a modular office depends on how well it’s maintained.

When properly cared for, and inspected regularly, modular buildings can last several decades – making them a cost-effective investment.

They are incredibly flexible and can be expanded, reduced, reconfigured and relocated to meet your changing demands with little disruption.

Top tip to increase the longevity of a modular office

Top tip to increase the longevity of a modular office

One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your modular office is to work with a trusted and experienced modular construction business, like ourselves at Useful Structures.

Our team will also work closely with you to create a comfortable workspace that suits your requirements and business operations.

We ensure all our buildings are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, from only the most reliable materials.

All our modular offices are fully relocatable and future-proof.

Over time, if any aspect of the structure becomes worn or degraded in any way, replacing them is a straightforward process and can be completed within a few days or weeks at the most.

To find out more about our modular office buildings and how to make the most of your structure, get in touch with the team.

Either call 01788 861 246 or email info@useful-structures.com.

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