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Example of marketing suite by Useful Structures

How Could You Benefit From A Marketing Suite In 2023?

Is 2023 the year you want to focus on business growth? Perhaps your aim is to increase sales? Or maybe you just want to put maximum effort into your branding.

A temporary marketing suite could really help you meet these business goals.

But what is a marketing suite and how could your business benefit from one in 2023?

Here’s everything you need to know.


What is a marketing suite?

A marketing suite is a temporary structure specifically designed to be used on site. They can most commonly be found on new build development sites.

Often marketing suites incorporate a show apartment or example rooms. This gives potential buyers an idea of the properties you’re building before they’re finished, allowing you to sell the plots as soon as possible.

Marketing suites are the perfect, practical space for your sales and marketing teams to work from onsite.

There are three types of portable marketing suites available here at Useful Structures:

1.      Portable marketing suites

Designed to be robust, durable and relocatable, portable marketing suites prove to be a valuable, worthwhile asset to many businesses.

They’re easy to be disassembled by professionals, making them a cost effective option for businesses on the move.

2.      Bespoke marketing suites

Completely unique and made to order, bespoke marketing suites are sure to meet your specific requirements.

Our talented designers will work with you to understand your requirements to design your ideal space – right down to the size of your suite, the materials used and even the location of your plug sockets.

3.      Budget marketing suites

Budget marketing suites are manufactured to the same standards and from the same high quality materials as other marketing suites, but they’re a more affordable option.

This one-unit suite is great if your budget is slightly lower or if you’re running a short-term sales operation.


What are the benefits of a marketing suite in 2023?

Whether you opt for a completely bespoke marketing suite, or a budget friendly alternative, you can be sure your business will reap the benefits in no time.

Securing early sales is a massive win for any business, and a marketing suite will help you do so. But how? It’s all down to their unique design.

·        They’re designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements

Temporary marketing suites aren’t an off-the-shelf structure. Instead, your designer will sit down with you to discuss your requirements, your preferences and anything else you would like to be incorporated into the marketing suite.

From high quality, one floor structures with basic components and minimal windows, to modern three story structures with full height glazing and feature roofing – your marketing suite can look exactly like you imagined.

Your electrics can also be tailored to meet your requirements.

For example, you could dedicate a section to your sales team, with plenty of desks and computer workspace.

Heating and air conditioning units can also be added into your marketing suite where required – perfect for the ever changing UK weather.

·        They’re designed to match your branding

Temporary marketing suites are designed to complement your unique branding, allowing you to maintain a professional image.

Yes, you could hire or even buy a portacabin, but your design choices will be limited. A bespoke marketing suite, however, is far more purposeful and can be designed to suit your exact requirements.

Even the tiny external and internal finishes are taken into consideration during the design process.

·        Your marketing suite can be moved whenever, wherever

Although referred to as a temporary building, marketing suites are designed to last year-round. This means they can be moved from location to location without being damaged, making them a worthwhile investment.

This is especially beneficial if your marketing suite needs to be located at various sites during different times of the year.

·        It will be constructed before reaching your site

Here at Useful Structures, we construct our temporary marketing suites on our own site. This means you can focus on your day to day business activities without any onsite disruption.

We will then deliver your suite to your site, putting the final pieces together as quickly and as safely as possible without disrupting your working day.


Why should you choose Useful Structures for your marketing suite?

We’re well versed when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing marketing suites.

Every single one of our marketing suites is unique. We’ll work with your sales and marketing team to find out exactly what they require, ensuring your marketing suite meets your requirements and matches your branding perfectly.

To speak to a member of our team about your requirements, or to find out more about how your business could benefit from a temporary marketing suite in 2023, get in touch.

Simply call us on 01788 861246 or email us at info@useful-structures.com and we’ll get back to you with more information.

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