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Useful Structures

Temporary Building Structures


At Useful Structures, we understand the many requirements of buildings for industry, logistics, commerce, sports, storage and manufacturing. We ensure that however large or small, however basic or detailed, however grand or modest, our client’s every need and request is fulfilled on time and on budget, wherever you are in the UK.


Our modular buildings are designed, engineered and built to comply with all relevant building regulations and standards. Off-site constructed to minimise time and disruption on site and fully relocatable, from straightforward storage spaces to state-of-the-art marketing suites or offices fully equipped with electrics, air conditioning, plumbing, communications and anything else that you need to help your business or project thrive.


What We Do


Useful Structures provide their clients with two building types:





At Useful Structures we have been helping our clients to start, grow and re-imagine the goals for their businesses for many years. Whether your requirements are temporary or permanent, large or small, functional or beautiful, our structures deliver a flexible, contemporary and cost-effective alternative to traditional solutions.


We offer a full design and drawing service well in advance of installation and commissioning so that you can be sure that we are delivering exactly what you need.


What This Means To You


The prefabricated and off-site constructed nature of our modular and sectional buildings mean that time on your site and disruption to your operations is minimised and that the time from our arrival to your using the structures is a short as it can possibly be.


In addition to the above, perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that all of our buildings, whether a fully fitted, plastered, air conditioned office or a 3000m2 warehouse, are completely relocatable.


Let’s think about that for a moment


“Relocatable” means that your investment is about as future proofed as it can possibly be. Although all of our buildings are designed and engineered to remain in one place indefinitely, “relocatable” means that if you need a warehouse on leased land, you can take it with you when your lease expires. It means that, when your construction project on one site is over, your project office or sales and marketing suite can be moved to your next site. It means that our structures can be moved to suit your operations, to suit your growth and to suit your future.


So, whatever type of building you need, speak to Useful Structures today . . .


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